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25 years running and currently located in New Toronto, Slamm Productions has been established in Canada as a professional recording facility, providing the highest quality of sound and work. Slamm productions is internationally recognized with a second location in Kingston Jamaica. Using Radar (one of the top recording systems in the world), an AMEK Langly Big vintage console as well as State of the Art studio monitors, Slamm Productions is able to capture exceptional sound quality that is comparable to Nashville and London, England. Slamm Productions has a full range of services for any professional in the music recording industry.

As the recording industry floods with basement and home studios, people may wonder if this could be the end of professional music recording studios. When in actuality, there has been more of a need for professional recording in the Music Industry. Whether it’s bringing a song into an established facility for mixing and mastering or recording entire albums from ground up, artists, vocalists, musicians and songwriters are realizing that in order to compete in the music market not only do they need strong material and outstanding performance but that the overall sound quality of their recordings must be equivalent to or exceeded the main stream. As well, one cannot discover their full musical potential creating in only a box.

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Slamm Recording Studio

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